Scandimatic ApS combines the latest technology and many years of experience for solving the required task. Proper choice of methods is an important basis for competitive results regarding successful automation. The company emphasizes that knowledge and practical skills goes up to a higher level. Use of robot as tool for method investigation as well as in in many end solutions guarantee a high level of in house robotic knowledge.

Industrial Robots and CoBots:
As official integrator of industrial robots from KUKA GmbH, and from the best-selling producer of collaborative robots – Universal Robots – Scandimatic appear to be a natural partner regarding modern automation.

Robot service and maintenance:
Scandimatic performs authorized service, repair and maintenance on both KUKA and Universal Robots according to factory specifications.

Machine design:
Scandimatic has – through robot integration and collaboration with several machine builders – experience of industrial machine interaction with industrial robots. For this reason we advise and participate in the design and prototype development of production lines and machines incorporating industrial robots.

Prepared for the future? – Industry 4.0:
Do something about your competitiveness and be part of the fourth industrial quantum leap!

Automated screw assembly with robot

Safe and consistent assembly via the Weber control system. Available pneumatically or electrically operated. Adjusting parameters such as torque, speed, direction of rotation, etc. The robot automatically follows the screw gain increase via the sensor system

Automated machine feed of metal items for CNC machining

Almost unlimited number of item types can be loaded. Switching to a previously prepared item type takes place in just minutes. User can prepare new item types for loading by entering a few parametres such as item dimensions. The system can run unmanned via the Loading Table for up to 200 items.

Automated handling of vials in biochemical hospital laboratories

Registration and sorting of vials after removal from the transportation box. The plant detects the transportation box and reads bar code, size, hood color, contents in ml, Can be expanded to detect other parameters via prepared measurement stations.

Automated surface treatment by grinding and polishing stainless steel pipe fittings

Installations can run unmanned and can be fed externally via carousel. Grinder used with the possibility of continuous belt speed adjustment, contact pressure, belt tension, etc. Load carousel with standard plates for quick conversion to other item size.

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