Standard elbow finishing machine for 1 inch to 4 inch tube sizes 

We are proud to release our new machine for automatic grinding and polishing the outer surface of elbow weld fittings. The machine is a standard machine especially designed for treating large volumes of standard stainless steel elbows. Aluminum and other metal tubes and profiles can be treated as well. The loading and unloading of the unit can be done by industrial robot as well as by human operator. Multiple machines can be placed so that one robot or one operator can service up to four machines. This way different surface treatments can be executed simultaneous to increase the overall output.  The machine is an ultimate element in solutions for finishing high volume stainless weld fittings. The general specifications are listed below.

Elbow Finish
Polished elbows

General specifications

Automatic grinding and polishing of bended tubes or profiles.

All type of belts can be mounted (length 1620 mm, width up to 50 mm) such as belts for sanding, Scotch Brite, polishing etc.     

All elbows bent from 45 degrees to 90 degrees can be treated. 

Also tube sizes in the range from 1″ (25mm) to 4″ (101 mm) can be treated.  

Standard weld fittings without flanges can be treated. 

Processing time is typically 60 seconds, and is performed by two belts simultaneously operating on opposite sides.

All types of treatment are performed by two belts simultaneously.  Ex.: rough sanding, fine sanding, scotchbriting or mirror polishing. Treatment decided by selected recipe which include treatment type as parameter. 

The machine can be fed by operator or by industrial robot. In case of robotic feeding we can offer the ultimate automated solution including machines, robots and required cell equipment. 

Touch screen for recipe database editing.

Foot Pedal for manual clamping of workpiece.

Two hand activation for safe manual start.

Creation of minimum 500 recipes according to workpiece type and treatment.

Embedded guiding procedure for easy touch up of precise moving axis positions.    

Time for preparing a new workpiece less than 5 minutes. 

Time for belt exchange 1 minute. 

Both belt speed and moving speed adjustable according to recipe parameter.  

Standard clamping fingers tools for inside clamping of 5 different workpiece diameters. Other sizes optional. 


Electric interface for external start, stop and homing.  

Extra clamping unit for quick substitution into another tube diameter. 

Automatic dosing unit for dispensing oil to belts. 

Automatic dosing unit for dispensing polishing paste to belts. 

Easy belt change and belt teightening 

Example of robot system where up to 3 simultaneous surface treatments are carried out